GAA Injury Scheme
(effective date 1st February 2010)

The GAA has operated an injury scheme in one way or another since 1929, the association continues to exercise concern for the welfare of members involved in our national games.  The injury scheme is funded entirely from club and GAA funds with no external insurance involvement.  The company that deals with the allocation of said funds are Willis, however, all correspondence relating to any claim must be made through the scheme administrator – Brian Fegan 07816030636.

The Injury Scheme does not seek to compensate fully for injury but to supplement other schemes such as personal accident or health insurance it only provides cover for losses up to the limit specified. Ultimately, the responsibility to ensure that adequate cover is in place lies with the individual club member.  If a member does have his or her own medical insurance a claim must be made with your medical provider first.

The Scheme is open to all fully registered members of the club (club membership number to be verified by Club Secretary).  A copy of the referee’s report must be submitted if the injury was sustained in an official match, also a letter from the Club Chairman or Club Secretary must accompany any claim if the injury occurred in an official training session or challenge match.

Benefits of Participation in Club Injury Scheme 

Medical expenses are covered up to a maximum of €4500.00.  This benefit includes cover for MRI scans up to a limit of €300.00 per scan.

€400.00 per day’s stay in hospital.  Benefit only payable if stay is a minimum of 10 consecutive days up to a maximum of 15 days.

€4500.00 maximum to cover dental expenses, the first €100.00 of any claim is not covered

Death Benefit
€50,000    Adult/Married Youth
€25,000    Youth

Disability Benefits
€300,000 lifetime disability benefit This applies to a single identifiable occurrence on the field of play.  Where the individual is confined to a wheelchair for life.

€100,000    Permanent Total Disablement
€100,000    Loss of sight
€100,000    Permanent partial loss of sight
€100,000    Loss of limb(s)
€100,000    Complete and incurable paralysis
€50,000      (Max) Permanent partial disablement
Loss of Wages
This applies to permanent employment of not less than 16 hours per week.  As at January 12th 2010. 

This benefit is payable up to 52 weeks (but excluding the first week)
€0.00              Week 1
€200.00          Week 2 - 4
€400.00          Week 5 – 52 


Claim Procedures Exclusions and Limitations

1. All claims must be forwarded within 60 days of the injury.

2. When a player is injured the scheme administrator (Brian Fegan) should be contacted immediately.  (mob: 07816030636). 

3. The first two pages of the claim form must be completed along with the claimant’s membership number. 

4. If the injury was sustained during an official match a copy of the referees report must be forwarded with the claim form. 

5. A letter from the Club Chairman or Club Secretary if the injury occurred in the official training session or challenge match.

6. The claim form together with all relevant supporting documentation will then be forwarded onto Willis who administer the scheme in Dublin. 

7. Brendan Herron has been appointed to the role of Club Physio and will be available on Monday nights for consultations.  After the initial two pages of the claim for have been sent to Willis in Dublin the injured player must present him/herself to Brendan for assessment and evaluation.

Benefit is not  payable to a member whose injury arises from: 1. Assault where the claimant has been the aggressor.2. Intentional self-injury.3. Pre-existing physical defect or infirmity.4. The GAA Injury Scheme will only provide cover is respect of Hurling claims provided the injured party was wearing a helmet which conforms to the NSAI Standard IS:355 e.g. Mycro, Marc or Azzuri.

5. The cost of completion of the medical section of the claim form must be borne by the claimant.

6. Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Chiropractic treatment have been removed from the scheme.


In addition to the claim for the following documentation is required depending on the claim type.

A. Medical/Dental Claims· Official Medical Reports

1. Declaration whether the injured member has the third party medical insurance as the scheme only provides cover for non-recoverable costs up to the limits of the scheme

2. In all cases the form must be completed and stamped by the attending doctor / dentist.


B. Loss of Wages
Three recent pay slips dated prior to the injury.
2. If self employed a letter from the injured members’ accountant on headed paper is required confirming the net basic earnings for three months prior to the injury. If the self employed claimant has no accountant the relevant information must be submitted by their solicitor/tax advisor.

NB  This is the succinct and condensed version of the official GAA leaflet on the Player Injury Scheme.  The document can be perused in its entirety at

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